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Virtual Reality for comsumer brands

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Packagedesign in Virtual Reality

This may be one og the most important things ever happend, when designers shall design consumer packages.

3D is the direct link between the teams wotking with the brand product and it may be the most significant development in the branded industry ever.

Now let us try it. We have digitalized one of Mondelez famous brands "Oreo". We made a twist to the design and a digital file. This single file is used all the way through the process and result in both Virtual Reality and for packshots.

Packshot i 3D fra oprindelig design fil. Billedet her er i HD størrelse. For at se det i 4K - den nye TV standard - klik virtual emballager

From 3D packages to advertising images

There are several way to use the 3D file for advertising photo shots. You can either get the 3D packshot with no bagground, ready for your own baggrounds, but sometimes we use a "ground" with reflecting materials, which gives spectagular images.

Click to see the final packshot in large resolution.

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