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Digital package design

for consumer brands

The 3D digital packaging and its design, are ideally suited for use in a digital packshot. A lot of ads, mugups and pack shots, are made in a 3D software.

Let us show you why you need to try digital package design.

First of all, the process designing a new package is much better in 3D, because it includes an interactive part.

The sample here with "Bastogne" are al made in 3D from the start. The 3D file are used through the process, and in the end, the very same file are used for photo realostic images foradvertising.

Package design digitalized and used as packshot.

Next the file is used to imagine, hvow the product looks in a supermarket.

All involved, including the end customer, can have a precise look at the final result - even before the package are printed.

Same file used for presentation or product placement "as it will look" - no cameras used

Package design and Virtual Reality.

This may be another headline in digital consumer brands. Have you ever tried real Virtual reality.

Read more and try virtual package design here

The digital package design, has no limits when it comes to 3D packshot

The package design file finally used as high resolution image for printing.

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