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and product mug ups, made in 3D

Our pack shots and product images and files to mug ups, are all digital and can be used across all channels and in all parts of the process that presents the package design best and most welcoming.

Today, quality and resolution is far higher than previously. Computers have become faster and the technology in imaging and 3D manipulation, based on being able to deliver a result that can not be skalnes from a photo.

Often used our files for more than just a product image.

The following images are all from the bottle and its label design you see here on the left.

3D computer generet packshot.

3D emballagens overflader med og uden emballagedesign.

Packshottet that convinze your customer

Pack Shots which are made traditionally, do not achieve the exciting opportunities wesimulate in our software. Already during the packaging development, appear errors and "quirky" ideas more clearly.

The basis for decision is many times easier and much safer.

Advertising agensies are our main customers.  We deliger images after wished and dreams.

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