Mago Foods package design

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Package design for Mago foods

MAGO foods is a cake factury, which have god new owners. They want all products redesigned. Nordsted Design is now working with a series of slised cakes of high quality.

By using 3D in the design process, Mago Foods could follow how the packages got new life.

Both the packages and the carton is now during development. We have god the rights to show how the work is so easy to understand.

Thats why Mago Foods choose Nordsted Design - we always work in 3D. It is faster, more flexible, and much cheaper.

Packshots is a part of te deal. We give you packshots for dree.


3D package package design gives you a better understanding than a flat drawing. 

This is a sample on, what a customer get for a total price of 50 Euro. Series will give you discount.

Working in 3D gives you a workflow with images like theese during the process. You will be able to make safe decitions, because you can see a package and not a drawing.

Price: 100 Euro including a packshot of same quality as shown here.

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