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Packagedesign made in 3D

Welcome to our digital packagedesign platform. Scandinavia's leading package digitalizing company.

We offer fast solutions for digitization of branded packaging.

For product managers:

With a digital package, you gain a whole new freedom as product manager. When we work together to develop the packages, you are on the first row. In the process, we use inter alia interactive 3D, where you and your colleagues, the same can make important decisions about appearance and possible changes.

Even product display we make, so sellers can display products and sales display up before they even printed.

For marketing managers:

Digital packages are cheaper to operate than the photo. With even more important is that you are always at the forefront. You may have ideas that we visualize before anyone else sees it. We manufacture quality packshot from 3D packages.

For CEO's:

Be aware, that digitalizing is "hidding" package design as well as Uber disroupted taxidrivers all over the world.

We give you possiblities that is very important for the brands value. Digitalizing all your brand packages with design, will give you values in the digitalized world. In other words - do not miss dizital brands package design.

Photographic computer generated image, made for advertising.

This means, that you, when you use our package design platform, get both the design suggestions, bur also advertising like images.

When you get this together with the original package design suggestion, you do not need a photographer budget, theese packshots is delivered together with the rest og the suggestion package.

Digital package design used for packshots. All packshots are small versions of the original shot. If you want to see a full sized packshot, please send a mail to

Let us make a free test of your package design

We are specialized in all kind of digital packagedesign. You can do much more with your brand, as soon as we have made the digitalization.

We offer all new customers, to get one package of your own brand, digitalized for free. It will not cost you anything at all. We can do this, because we may already have your a 3D model of your package .


"AAKIN SAMBUUSA" are digitized by Vizcatz ( )

From  digital packagedesign to packshots

As soon as your package design and the product is digitalized, a new 3 dimentional package design world will open for you.

I lot of advertising packshots, is made from a digital package model. You may ask why some companies prefer both packshots from a photographer and a digitalized design from us.

It is so simple. We can make real packshots, before the package even is printed yet. We kan make packshot cahges over a night.

We have even helped with a packshot in oversize to a important football match in UK. And oversize at 3 meters - done over night.

Emballagedesign til mejeri produkter

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This is a sample on, what a customer get for a total price of 50 Euro. Series will give you discount.