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Thanks for visiting us. Stay a little while, then you will see, that 3D package design is second to none, more flexible and much cheaper.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call  (45)50586800 and talk with Michael.

Right now we are working on a range of Italian jams and jelly products. Together with the design files we present the package design as it will look for real.

Thats why 3D design are second to none, when it comes to designing packages and lebels.

Emballagedesign kosttilskud

Packagedesign and packshots

During product development, there are always a lack of time. The marketing can't make the markting material before the label og package are printet.

This is where our way will give you big avantages. As soon as we are finished designing, you can have product images in high resolution plus animation if you like that.

We can even put the new designed package in a scene with your prefered image behind.

Emballagedesign til startups og iværksættere

Små virksomheders emballager er lige så vigtige som store virksomheders. Nordsted Design tilbyder alle små virksomheder en hjælpende hånd. Vi kan sikre, at du får langt mere for pengene, en "bare" det at designe emballagerne for dig. Ud over det, tilbyder vi at levere alle emballagerne både som almindeligt design, samt billeder af produktemballagen og fremover kan du bruge 3D designet til fremstilling af annoncemateriale.

Emballagedesign med ettiket

Recycling materials are a very important part, but there are other areas that are 100% neglected.

The biggest culprit is that packaging is generally too big. Especially chocolate boxes, medicines and certain foods, have packages that are only 1/5 full. This means that the world's transport of packaging could be minimized accordingly.

The point here are, that the "firstmovers" come up with a solution for that, will really win peoples respect. Thats what we help with.

3D packshot

Both the package and the product are 3D, so we create ad images directly from our design files. A huge advantage for marketing, since you have advertising material before the packaging is printed.