Shop design

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Shop design

Decorating stores is basically creating a store that tempts customers to stop for a moment and may leave the temptation of the shop's interior design.

Emballage design

Decor, colors, floors and shop fixtures are each of the ingredients that are included when the decor with a decor is started. By projecting in 3D, several design suggestions can be seen at the same time. For example, there may be a change of color on walls, which shows the layout of the shop fixtures in their own way.

The clothing store's colors

It may be tempting to use colors when you create stores, but colors can also be dangerous, as they last out of fashion the following year. Having said that, it is not the message to avoid colors in the interior, but instead of applying colors when you decorate the part effectively, and partly so that the color is easily painted when the color mat changes. For a retailer, it offers some exciting interior design options.

Interior architects choose fashion colors as much as everyone else. Every year, the Pantone system publishes a "Color of the Year" and afterwards, many shops and offices are set up in that color. In 2018, it was a blue violet as the interior designer used and next year the shop will be longing for a new exciting color that can refresh the

Clothing shop interior

The interior itself depends in the high degree of the target audience. As a retailer, it is necessary to know as much about the target group as to customize the store.

In general, there is a "path" in English called the shop. This path is an attempt, through the store's interior design, to guide the customers throughout the store's range. It is a known phenomenon to offer products that are not enough so much that we as customers, among other things, via decor, add more to the shopping cart.

The shop fixture features the shop layout

The store fitting you use depends in part on budgeted, but often the cheap store fittings can prove good. A very good example of it is the retail chain Normal.

The layout of the retailer's sales area is super good. Those who have made the shop here have been skilled in more than one way. Firstly, there is a great break for the staff. Everything to be decorated in the height is kept on the walls of the stores, while the floor is decorated with boxes divided into categooorier and brands. This store is right after the book. It is possible to discuss the color of the decor, but here the shop design team is thought to taste, only relatively small slides are painted and can be quickly changed.

When a shop is set up, sales curves should be considered in the device. These retailers do not look much, but nevertheless, customers love a device where the store gives customers something to ride in - hoping to find a good purchase. The Streetbutlers company makes some exciting solutions and solves interior issues in an elegant way.

Material choices when shop tuned

When the shop interior designer is going to look at materials in the interior, that part will also be linked to the budget, but also with the product offered. You do not create 2 stores with each of its assortments in the same way. Fashion stores are organized in one way and bookstores on another.

Fashion stores and clothing stores must have relatively strong expressions today. The competition about the customer's eyes is fierce. At the same time, the supermarket's sales of fashionable clothes are fighting.

Currently, many stainless steel stores are featured. This makes the device "long time holster" as stainless steel never really goes out of fashion.

Shop interior

It is absolutely necessary to think in the shop's outdoor decor. Stores with outdoor sales, bring a lot of extra percent to home in the box. On the street there are some other requirements for the shop fixture. Street furniture must be branded. The Streetbutlers company has an exciting series that manages the store's street sales with.

Layout of the shop's disc area

Perhaps the disc space is the best fit to decorate smart and modern. Modern means that something continues with our electronic media. Also within the shop's interior, it will set its mark. We will experience how the decor takes more and more forms of experiences. This applies especially to products of a certain value, but also to supermarkets.

In addition to the disk space being the center for both customers and expedients, it is an activity area. This is where customers have the credit card promotion and therefore the last chance that the shop owner can make an extra sale.

Therefore, the disc must not be too small. The disk device must allow for can be fitted with a desk display.

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