packaging design for groceries


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packaging design for groceries


Grocery trade can achieve great benefits by using Nordsted Design newe 3D design platform. You do NOT need any skills, working with this.


We are working closely with advertising agencies and has only a few direct customers. Our core competence is the digitization of packaging design for the brand-name industry.

Label design

The digital packaging advantages:


1. Great teams

2. Prompt communication

3. Interactive process files

4. Disruptende prices


In addition, a long series of advantages and opportunities, will set a new agenda for packaging design.


Try it for free! - We have hundreds of packages lying in 3D just ready to digitize your brand.


We digitize in 2 ways. Either by experienced 3D needlework or by scanning your packaging.


The choice depends on the degree of detail. 90% of all packaging designs, we make in 3D, however, the final design also used for demanding ad photo, advised scanning.


The 3D generated anoncebilleder for sale handbooks and anoncer in newspapers and magazines do well with 3D

Emballagedesign til packshot

Packaging Design visualized with 3D software

EMballagedesign af mineralvand

Package design from a digital file, used for a packshot.

Labeldesign af mineralvand i 3D

For the record you see 3D object clearly here - it's really only 3D package design

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